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The Process

My babies start life as blocks of polymer clay. I use Cernit but occasionally I use a mix of Cernit and Living Doll clays. It depends on the finish I want. Both clays have different properties and require you to sculpt in totally different ways. .

I use foil armatures which I make myself using wire covered with a suitable thickness of foil. The finished sculpt is then baked to harden it. The whole piece is then sanded to smooth the surface as silicone shows every fingerprint when its poured and set!

The piece is mounted and covered with layers of silicone rubber. This is then encased in a mother mould which supports the glove mould when it is filled with silicone. once set the original clay sculpt can be removed from the mould. The glove mould is then cleaned inside to make sure that there are no shards of clay left behind etc. 

The centre back seam is repaired and the mould is now ready for the silicone

After pouring the silicone, it allowed to cure before de moulding and washing and preparing is then painted and rooted dressed and photographed ready for sale. I am often asked how long it takes me to make one, of my babies. It has to be the hardest question to answer. When I begin a sculpt it can be perfect first time whereas other times I need to adjust, and adjust again and it can take hours and hours over weeks and weeks. Its not something I log on an hourly basis. I work to satisfy my creativity not the clock. On average I put out two new sculpts a year with one or two mini in-between.



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